NEC Univerge Blue Connect

Staying Connected & Productive

UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT combines your phone system, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into a seamless experience that fits with your business size, needs, and work style. Get customizable, scalable cloud-based services for your business backed by NEC Stress-Free Cloud Experience.

  • Allows mobile devices to become part of the CONNECT phone system.
  • Increases workforce flexibility with virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device accessibility.
  • Transcribes voicemail messages to text and email for efficient voicemail handling.
  • Integrates chat, text messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, file backup for greater productivity and collaboration.

Cost Efficient

With UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT, there is no phone system hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade or replace.

  • Service is based on number of users and not on number of lines.
  • Voice and data is consolidated onto one network for centralized management.
  • Flat, per-user rates include no extra or hidden fees but set monthly costs.
  • 100+ enterprise-grade calling features are included in the service for optimal functionality.
  • flow with in-meeting chat.

Increase Transparency

UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT Desktop and Mobile Applications make collaboration easier whether on-site or working remotely.

  • Place calls, send chats and texts, share files and start a video conference regardless of location.
  • Assign a single phone number as the main point of contact for centralized responsiveness.
  • Transfer calls between devices without the fear of becoming disconnected.
  • Allows teams to view availability (presence) and reach colleagues on their device of choice


Easy to set up, manage, and use your phone system

Get started quickly using your current phone number and preconfigured phones to connect to the internet in no time, no complex hardware required.

  • With the integration of 90+ enterprise-grade features along with industry-leading network call quality and uptime.
  • System management and call reporting features are handled from a single web-based portal.

simplified scaling

UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT is easily scalable to meet the needs of any organization.

  • Service is based on the number of users and not on a number of lines.
  • Ordering services for additional users requires no technician or special expertise and can be easily done online.
  • The service grows with your business one user at a time.
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