Avaya Cloud Office

Get a communications solution that accelerates your business. Make calls, receive texts and Fax messages, start a conference, collaborate with your colleagues, support your customers. All from within a single interface on your desktop or mobile device. Stay reachable, productive and engaged wherever you are, on the device that makes sense to you at any particular moment. Simplify your communications so you can get on with what matters. With Avaya Cloud Office one app meets all your needs and one tap or click is all it takes. Find a contact, answer, screen or forward your calls. Get notifications of your messages. Send a Fax. Engage with the people you need to, regardless of your location.

How it works

All Your Messages In One Place

Voice mail, business texts and Fax clearly visible with red flags to indicate new messages. Reply with a single click.

Intuitive Call Control

Hold, transfer or park a call with a single click. Flip the call to another device as you move
from mobile to desktop and back again.

Directory Integration

Simply type a name or number to access your company directory. See their presence  indication and engage them through text, voice
of Fax with one click.

Audio Conferencing

Send your invitations by text or email, join with a single click. Include domestic or international
dial-in numbers to give everyone easy access.


Keep your most frequent contacts front and center. See their presence status and engage with them via text or voice as appropriate.

Business Texting (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

Keep your business and personal texts separate. Send and receive virtually any file type including audio, video and image files.

Calendar Integration

See your meetings schedule, synced with Google Calendar, iCal, or Microsoft Outlook. Click to join with no need to enter access
codes or a meeting ID.

Fax From Your Desktop

Easily pull Fax numbers from your contacts list or enter them from your keyboard. Add  instructions, drag and drop files, and send immediately or in the future.

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