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Linking business with versatile mobility.

Push Notifications

Push notification informs you of incoming calls without having to start up an application.  Since the application does not need to be constantly running, your smartphone battery lasts longer.


Mobile Softphone supports SIP-TLS (Transport Layer Security).  It prevents spoofing risks.

PBX Extension

The employee’s smartphone can be registered as a company extension number with the Mobile Softphone application.  It enables flexible audio and video calls in/out of offices without using your private cell phone number.

Seamless Integration

From hardware to application, every component is designed and manufactured by Panasonic to greatly simplify system management.

Product Details

Protocol – SIP

  • Make Call
  • Reject Call
  • Cancel Call
  • Video Call
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer (Blind)

Supported Codec (Audio)

  • G.7222, G.729a, G.711a/u

Supported Codec (Video)

  • H.264 Base Line Profile
  • Encode up to VGA
  • Decode up to 720p


  • Push Notification
  • Call Log/Missed Call Indicator
  • Automatic control of trunk line feature access code


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