2017 Rate Change Canada Post

Canada Post Regulation Changes

On January 16, 2017 Canada Post letter and parcel rates will be increasing for commercial customers. This is a regulated change that requires an update to all Canadian mailing systems.

Effective March 31, 2017 Canada Post customers will no longer be able to process parcels with their postage meters. Neopost customers with parcel needs can use Neoship software to process parcels while maintaining use of their postage meter scale.


How to update your mailing system

Updating is easy with the IS series of mailing systems; simply ensure your LAN line is connected and press Menu > E-Services > Standard Call and wait for the download to complete.

To update legacy IJ mailing systems you will need your rate package and then select the guide for your model and external weighing device, if applicable.

IJ35 IJ40 IJ45 IJ50 WP5

rate update instructions

IJ65 IJ70 IJ75 IJ80 IJ85 IJ90 IJ110 WP/DYNA

rate update instructions

SE30 SE50 SE100 IJ

rate update instructions



Canada Postal Rates

0-30g $0.82 with a meter Ι 30-50g $1.19 with a meter Ι 50-100g $1.76 with a meter